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powder coating equipment concept

Time: 2013-11-01

It is used in surface processing of a kind of industrial equipment, can be containing epoxy resin, polyester resin (plastic) material such as powder coating adsorption onto the object from the spray good objects in fixed-line curing furnace, it is concluded that the complete coating, to decoration, corrosion protection, and other functions into full play.
Electrostatic coating process principle: with electrostatic powder spraying equipment (electrostatic spray molding machine) to the application of the powder coating the surface of the workpiece, under the effect of static electricity, the powder will be adsorbed on the surface, homogeneous form powder coating; Flat curing powder coating after high temperature baking flow, into a different effect (different types of powder coating effect) of the final coating; Spraying effect on the mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, etc is superior to the spray paint process, costs are under with the effect of spray paint.

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