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powder Knowledge

Time: 2013-11-01
Powder coatings are generally made ??of a resin , a curing agent ( not in the thermoplastic powder coating ) , pigments , fillers and additives , etc., solvent-based and water-based coatings with the main component is the same. In the resin with a thermoplastic resin and a thermosetting resin into two categories, consisting of a thermoplastic resin powder coating curing agent is not required , and in thermosetting powder coatings must be a curing agent . In the thermoplastic powder coating , the thermoplastic resin is a film material , can be a separate film ; thermosetting powder coating , a thermosetting resin alone can not be a film , a chemical reaction with the curing agent must be later to film , the curing agent in the thermosetting powder coating is an indispensable ingredient . In powder coatings , the pigment is an important component , generally contain a powder coating pigment , only transparent pigments in powder coatings was not . Pigments in powder coatings role and function of the traditional paint is the same, after coloring is mainly played the role and rust and other decorative effects . Filler in powder coatings with the role of the traditional role of the coating is essentially the same, serve to increase the film hardness and rigidity , but also can reduce the cost of paint and so on.

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