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The oven operation steps

Time: 2013-04-08

Process steps: Spraying good workpiece push curing oven, heating to the predetermined temperature (usually 185 degrees) and heat preservation corresponding time (20 minutes). The High temperature heat resistance Circulating fan can Can guarantee the oven internal places (including corner) have the same temperature. Blow on take out cooling namely get finished.

Working principle of Gas curing oven

1. Heating curing oven, Start the fan button, the fan start to work, then the burner start to work followed so that the curing oven being heated.
2. Set the temperature 180 degrees(0-300 degrees), While the temperature up to be the set temperature, the burner stop working. After the heat preservation time being 10 minutes(0-60minutes), the bell alarm. The next, close all control units so that the heating system and fan stop working.
3. Open the curing oven door, taking out workpieces.

According to the customer's requirement, We can made all kinds size of curing oven.

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