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Time: 2013-04-02

Electrostatic Spraying Process

1. Pretreatment

Objective: To get rid of the workpiece surface oil, dirt, rust and in the workpiece surface generating a layer of corrosion resistance and can increase the spraying coating adhesion "phosphating layer".

2. Electrostatic spraying

Objective: Powder coating evenly spray to the surface of the work piece. The special work (including easy to produce electrostatic shielding position) should be using the high performance electrostatic spray molding machine to complete the painting.

3. High temperature curing

Objective: The work piece surface of powder coating heating to the specified temperature and heat preservation corresponding time, melting, flow flat, curing.

4. Decoration processing

Objective: Make after electrostatic spraying after the work piece to achieve a kind of special appearance (all kinds of wood grain, decorative pattern, such as honor).

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