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colo powder recycling spray booth

Time: 2013-03-19
Single-station automatic pulse cleaning powder recycling spray booth

Our Powder Booths make efficient use of shop space and are designed for manual batch or automated/process powder coating

Single-station automatic pulse cleaning powder recycling spray booth, which mainly used in the manual spraying, spraying workpiece manually suspension to a single station spray booth to be manually transferred to the high-temperature curing oven curing after electrostatic spraying canfinished workpiece.

Material: conventional material galvanized plate made of stainless steel, according to customer requirements
Specifications: length - high - width according to customer requirements, but in general is based on the size of the workpiece, automatic or manual, electrostatic spray gun units dusting and other factors
Process: electrostatic spraying the spray powder room by four forces: the thrust of the compressed air gun lose powder tube, after being charged by the electric field force of its own gravity and airflow absorption, these four force results is the adsorption part of the powder to the workpiece surface, the part of the powder deposition on the bottom of the spray chamber and spray chamber wall, the other powder floating in the air, with the recycling stream access device.
Recovery unit: the characteristics of the filter group recovery filter shape cylindrical filter surface made accordion folding, the small size of the filter group, but much larger than the fiber bag filter total area of. Filter paper surface after a special resin treatment not only does not absorb moisture, mechanical strength but also improve resistance to airflow pulse cleaning.
Playing powder device: Filter intermediate has a rotating U-shaped pipe, a plurality of holes in both sides of the wall opening, the pulse cleaning air flow through the U-shaped pipe, blown out from the hole to clear the filter surface of the accumulated powder. Since the reaction force of the U-shaped tube rapidly rotating a knife wind, to achieve the elimination of the role of the filter surface area of the powder.

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