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Choose Powder Coating for a More Eco-Friendly Painting Solution

Time: 2012-05-11

When it comes to surface painting or finishing, powder coating is continuously making a name in this industry. This particular technology can be like the regular wet paints however when it comes to durability, affordability, quality and safety, it is a much better choice.

Moreover, this approach is resistant to scratch, will produce an attractive finish and sturdy. In utilizing this method, unused powder can be recycled thus waste products are minimal unlike in wet paints.

Many people opt to use this method because the finish it creates is very durable. People who took advantage of this approach can really say that it is the most affordable, durable and long lasting painting option available in the market nowadays. The items tend to be more resistant to scratches, wear and tear as well as cracks when compared with other painting techniques. Also, its finish is more appealing compared to those painted with regular solvent based paints. The coated items or equipment are high in quality, has uniform finish with no issues in sagging or dripping of paints and very solid. It therefore presents an epitome of quality to the consumers that’s why manufacturers feel at ease when they use this technology for their merchandise.

Also, this is acutally a better choice due to its eco-friendly characteristics. Unlike solvent based paints, it does not utilize harmful substances during the process. It is known that liquid paints contain a chemical that is very harmful to the environment which is called VOC or volatile organic compounds. Liquid painting is becoming less popular because EPA or Environmental Protection Agency is stricter nowadays. Thus, the use of powder coating has increased tremendously. And because this approach is widely available in the market, there is absolutely no need for you to purchase expensive liquid paints. The earlier you choose powder coating over any other types of painting approach, the sooner you can help prevent the spread of pollution in your surroundings. Consumers will feel better knowing that the products they bought did not harm the environment.

This approach is definitely a smart choice because a significant amount can be saved in the overall cost. It is energy saving, has low labor costs, lesser material and equipment usage, hassle free waste disposal and very efficient. At a much cheaper rate, you will have a top quality finish.

With these, it is by far the best solution to your painting needs and does not deliver negative effects to the environment and the people’s health.

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