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How dose electrostatic powder sprayer gun powder work ?

Time: 2011-09-22
Electrostatic powder spray gun paint process using a series of different styles, including high volume low pressure (HVLP) application and airless spray paint. Electrostatic power spray gun paint particles to provide the feed material to promote adhesion and cover a wider area
First achieved in 1938, powder coating electrostatic spray gun to allow the liquid in the applications are being processed as an electrical ground objects collected. This makes the paint is attracted to the object and spray materials in the painting process can change direction, so that the whole surface of the cover. Electrostatic spraying, but also to minimize waste.
Electrostatic powder spray gun so that more of the surface to be painted, because the adhesion is guaranteed. Porous metallic paint is easier to accept and project still receives a lot of curves or hide or cover the surface. Spraying process to reduce the time it needs a more traditional method of brushing the surface coating.
Electrostatic powder spray gun of the options are almost unlimited. As long as an object to be ground, the surface of a charged particle will seek and stick to it. Playground equipment, metal office furniture and railings are painted by electrostatic spray gun.

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