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Trouble Shooting

Time: 2011-08-20

Trouble Shooting


1.Film show poor gloss. 2. Film is off color.
(1) Curing time is too long.
(2) Temperature is too high.
(3) Harmful gas mixed in the oven.
(4) Work piece has rough surface.
(5) Poor Pre-treatment.
(1) Repeated bake many times.
(2) Harmful gas mixed in the oven.
(3) Baking time too long.
(4) The coating is too thick.
3. Film show orange peel. 4. Film show cratering.
(1) Coated film has different thickness.
(2) Poor powder spray, blocked spray gun.
(3) Baking temperature is too low.
(4) Damp powder coating.
(5) Poor ground connection.
(6) Thickness of film is too low.
(1) Poor pre-treatment, oil removing is not thorough.
(2) Air source is polluted, compression air with oil or water.
(3) Rough surface of work piece.
(4) Dust or other impurity polluted, spray equipment is not clean.
5. Film show air-bubble. 6. coated film show different thickness.
(1) Poor pre-treatment, chemical agent residue left.
(2) Oil or rust removing is not thorough.
 (3) Volatile matter
(4) The air hole present on the work piece.
(5) The film is too thick.
(6) Poor material of work piece.
(1) Powder spaying is not even.
(2) Spray gun is too closed to work piece.
(3) High voltage output is not steady.
7. Film has poor impact resistant and adhesion. 8. The film present needle hole.
(1) The phosphor coated screen is too thick.
(2) Curing temperature is too low, or curing time is too short.
(3) the surface of work piece is not complete clean. 
(4) pretreated work piece with water, reduce adhesion.
(1) compression air is polluted, contain oil.
(2) Voltage of spray gun is too high, breakthrough film.
(3) Spray gun is too closed to work piece, breakthrough film.
(4) Coated film is too thin.
(5) Powder is undercuring.
(6) Spray equipment is not clean.
(7) Surface of work piece is too rough.
9. The film present small granules. 10. Film is peel off.
(1) Spray gun is blocked or poor air flow.
(2) Spray gun has poor atomizing.
(3) Powder drop-off in the powder booth.
(4) Surface of work piece is polluted by sundries.
(5) Coated film is too thin.
(6) Poor material of work piece.
(7) Wrong wipe method, contain fiber.
(8) Powder coating screening not clean.
(1) Poor pre-treatment, oil removing is not thorough.
(2) Output voltage of electrostatic generator is insufficient.
(3) Poor ground connection.
(4) Air compression is too high during spraying.
11. Film has poor mechanical performance. 12. Film has poor corrosion resistant.
(1) Baking temperature is too low, or baking time is too short.  
(2) Different temperature from top to down in the baking oven.  
(3) Poor pre-treatment.
(1) Powder is not curing completely.
(2) Different temperature in the baking oven.
(3) Poor pre-treatment.
13. Powder supply is not even. 14. powder rise, poor absorbability.
(1) Powder pipe or spray pipe is blocked; powder stick on the head of spray gun.
(2) Low air pressure, or pressure is not steady.
(3) air compressor contain oil or water.
(4) Poor electrostatic generator, powder supply is not enough.
(5) Powder supply pipe is too long, increase powder flow resistance.
(1) Electrostatic generator without high voltage, or voltage is too low.
(2) Poor ground connection.
(3) Air pressure is too big
(4) Air duct in the recycle equipment is blocked.
(5) Poor pre-treatment, or rust again on the work piece.
15 powder supply is reduced. 16. Powder spray is not even in same quantity.
(1) Air pressure is reduced.
(2) Air pressure is too high, poor ratio of powder and air.
(3) air compressor contain oil or water.
(4) The spray gun head is partly blocked, or spay gun is blocked.
(1) powder is caking.
(2) powder contain impurity, lead to pipe blocked.
(3) Density of powder is too high.
(4) Air pressure is not steady.
(5) Powder supply pipe is partly blocked.
17. Spay pipe is blocked.  
(1) Poor material of spay pipe, powder easily sticks on pipe wall.
(2) Powder supply pipe is heated lead to powder caking in the pipe.
(3) Powder supply pipe is bended.
(4) Powder mixed with big granule or impurity.

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