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What Are the Best Tips for Bicycle Powder Coating?

Time: 2011-04-09

Like other types of powder coating, the bicyclepowder coating process happens in three major steps: preparation of the metal, the application of the powder, and the curing process. The most important step in bicycle powder coating may be the preparation process; all lubes, grease, dirt, grime, and other materials must be cleaned entirely off the frame before the powder coating can be properly applied. If the bike is used, this job may take quite a while and should be done with a citrus degreaser that can remove tough grease and lube. Without this step, bicycle powder coating cannot be done properly.

All the components of the bicycle must be removed for powder coating. This makes cleaning lubes and grease off the frame much easier, and it prevents other parts of the bicycle from getting powder coated along with the frame. Once the bike is stripped down and cleaned, the next step in the bicycle powder coating process is the coating itself. One should be sure the frame is properly grounded to allow the positively-charged powder coating to adhere to the metal. If the frame is not grounded properly, the coating may not stick and the process cannot be completed correctly


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