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What Are the Different Types of Powder Coating Guns?

Time: 2011-04-09

A powder coating gun is the primary instrument used in the process of powder coating, a surface finishing technique. It involves placing a dry paintpolymer onto the object to be painted and curing the object until the paint sets. There are two distinct forms of powder coat material called thermosetting and thermoplastic, and different types of powder coating guns need to be used for each of these methods. Thermosetting powder coating guns have a few different ways of making sure the paint sticks to the substrate. Although powder coating guns are relatively safe to use and do not pose much of a health risk, certain precautions still need to be taken to ensure the user’s safety.

All methods of powder coating operate around a single principle; users must apply dry paint to a substrate and bake it to make sure it sets. Powdering coating techniques, however, differ in what happens after the substrate and the dry paint coat are baked. Thermoplastic powder coats regain their originalchemical composition when reheated whereas thermosetting powder coats are irreversibly cured. The thermoplastic powder coating technique requires that the substrate be lowered into a fluidized bed of dry paint powder, and the powder coating guns used in this technique are complex sprays that mix the dry powder and air into a chamber.

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