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Powder coatings of the shortcomings

Time: 2010-09-26


  Powder coatings have a major advantage in that the overspray can be recycled. However, if multiple colors are being sprayed in a single spray booth, this may limit the ability to recycle the overspray. Powder coatings in fact there are also inadequate. Let's us see.

  While powder coatings have many advantages over other coating processes, there are some disadvantages to the technology. While it is relatively easy to apply thick coatings which have smooth, texture-free surfaces, it is not as easy to apply smooth thin films. As the film thickness is reduced, the film becomes more and more orange peeled in texture due to the particle size and TG (glass transition temperature) of the powder. Also powder coatings will break down when exposed to uv rays between 5 to 10 years. On smaller jobs, the cost of powder coating will be higher than spray painting.

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